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Profesional care services, medical evaluation and nurse home care in San Miguel de Allende


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Commited to our patients with great sense of empathy and risponsibility. We provide our services in and around San Miguel de Allende.

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We at Homecare and Caregivers San Francisco are commited to facilitate care tasks of seniors, patients, hospitalized individuals, and people with special needs; helping family memebers with home care, medical advice, nursing staff, cleaning assistance, food, and company in outdoor activities. Our aim is to allow families find in our services multiple options and the flexibility they need. Give immediate and adequte response to seniors and patients.

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We have a certified medical team ready to care for you at home. Trained to keep medical records, caregivers and nurses in specialized care. Specialized treatment or referrals to specialists.


Holistic care by healthcare professionals, sanitary higine, bath, vital signs, health controls, medicaments, medical records. Opportune medical intervention.


Our professional home caregivers serve: seniors, patients with special needs, post-hosptial care, sick or patients in bed. At home or at the hospital, we coordinate shifts, schedules, timetables, guaranteeing professional care all the time.


We provide contact and contractual services of cleaning personel, cooking personel, according to the needs of the person to care for. We overview with care the hygiene and preparation of cooked food, according to the care needs.


“They have been of great help to me and my family, after I felt and my back required special care the nurses came to my home and took care of me here. I am better now but I cannot do all the activities I used to do, they have helped me find a person to help me with the cleaning, and cookin according to what the doctor says and recommends.

Patricia Mendoza, San Miguel de Allende



Nutritional, psycological, dental care, fisiotherapy. Referrals to specialized care. Medical record keeping and logs.


Companions and care anytime when it is required. Assitance to basic needs and activities. Lowering risks at home (falls, intoxication, medicine, malnutrition). For medical appointments, and personal matters.


Medical aid to the comfort of your home, fisiotherapy, wounds, dosage, serum, glucose measurements, oxygen administration, etc.


Keep an orderly home space for wellbeing and speedy recovery. Total or partial assistance for bathing, dressing, eating, walking and going to the bathroom.


Healthy eating supervision. Cooking according to medical recommendations. Shopping, hygiene and meal preparation.


Correct administration of medicaments, orderly and clean treatment spaces. Physical and cognitive stimulation. Vitals monitoring.

Our medical personel


Qualifed and trained nurses for home care, gerontolgy experience, and special needs experience. Always someone available to cater for your needs.


Our caregivers are trained to assist nurses and doctors in patient care and seniors care. Profesionals working with respect and love, hygiene and servitud. Every caregiver is screened and provides historial, personal records, and references.


Our medical personel has vast experience in geronto-geriatric medicine. High ethics and humanism are our priorities. Highly qualifed for critic situation and emergency care. Referrals to specialists nationally and internationally.


Write us a line with your needs and we will reply back with suggestions and schedules. For urgent care please dial: 415 112-6566